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Screenshot - planner5d.com

Planner 5D is an amazing 2D and 3D modelling and realistic rendering app/software.

It can be used to model and render interiors, exteriors, plan view, etc. And it is very cheap to afford with access to free great features. 

Planner 5D works on different platforms (web, macOS, Windows, iOS and Android) and it's available on AppstoreGoogle play store, Microsoft store, etc. 

Without needing to upon your laptop, you can do professional models and renders just using your smartphone. 


Before you continue reading you should know that: this is not a sponsored post and we DON'T earn any affiliate commission yet from planner 5D for sharing this post. So we will try not to over hype the app/software unnecessary. We will try to share with sincerity what the app can do showing what it has done.

Planner 5D has great features for creating home designs of both interior and exterior. It is suitable and easy for amateurs to use.

Planner 5D has over 5000+ items catalogue and materials, and also allow you to customize your own texture choice of material.

Planner 5D gives you the freedom and flexibility of modeling and rendering with your smartphone. 

Planner 5D Features

We will not bother you with so much features in planner 5D. We will just show you few obviously interesting things it can do even with just your smartphone. 

Note: models and rendering on this page are all done using about 98% Andriod smartphone and about 2% tablet. 

screenshot showing items

Flexibility of the app allows you to do the following with ease:

  • Creating floor plan in 2D, inserting furnitures from varieties and at the same time you can switch to 3D. 
  • Editing of walls, floors and items can be easily  achieved by choosing choice of colours and materials, and as well, you can adjust walls' and items' dimensions to your choice.
  • Planner 5D provided snapshot for creating realistic images that looks professional. The rendering can either be created on device or on cloud.

Some planner 5D projects


Cloud rendering 

Device rendering 
Cloud rendering 


Cloud rendering 

Device rendering 

Creating Planner 5D Account 

First thing to do before planner 5D account creation is to download the planner 5d app / software from google play store (for Android devices) or from any of the above listed stores depending on the platform you are using.

Then launch the app and create an account by signing in with  your email account as explain below .

Step 1
Open the app and click on the menu as highlighted on the image below with green squared symbol. 

screenshot showing projects in planner 5d 

Step 2
Click on the highlighted green symbol on the image below to change user, either by logging in to an existing account or creating new account by signing up.

Screenshot showing menu bar
Step 3 
click on CHANGE USER which has been highlighted on the picture below to log in or sign up 

screenshot of user's profile 

Step 4
 Select CREATE ACCOUNT on the highlighted area of the picture below to create new account, or fill in your email and password to login if you already have an existing account 

screenshot of login in or creating account 

Step 5
Fill in your email and create a password.

 NOTE: the password will consist of figures and letters example: ( caption2468). 

After creating the password then press continue.

That's it.

You don't need to get a highly cost system before you can start putting  your ideas into reality. 

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