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privacy policy
Our privacy policy lays down how we tend to make your user experience better, including your data we may collect, how we do the collection and what we use it for.

Data we collect

We collect mainly data such as: your name and email address, but in rare occasions we might ask for something else.

How the collection is done

We ask you to input those details when you want to sign up for our newsletter, when you are filling our contact form for either support or another reason.

What your data are used for

We use your contact to reply you, deliver information to you or maybe a digital product if we do sell any.

Use of cookies

Cookies are like memories for web browsers, they stores information from site you visit to your browser.

Do I need cookies?

Though it is not compulsory and you can off cookies from you browser settings but they are essential part of browsing experience.

Can I off cookies?

Yes you can, you will see that option in your browser settings.

For more enquiries, please use our contact form.

Third party sites

we will include third party site links in our blog. Most of this links will be linking you to gain more knowledge, or to get the full gist from where we got the idea from. But in other cases, the links might be an affiliate link.

we are not in control of how our 3 party sites use your data, so you must make sure you trust them before you provide them with your data.

we will not sell your data to any third party site.


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