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Design and decoration are two different things. so are interior designer and interior decorator different.

If you are about to renovate your home, it is best your understand the difference between the two and compare that with your renovation desires.

After some research we discovered that an interior designer is a professional who notes the desires and needs of the client. And then getting the required existing details of the space (or room), he then designs it to be functional, comfortable, etc., meeting those needs.

While an interior decorator working with what the interior designer has already put in place furnishes and decorates the room to be more aesthetically pleasing.

Another notable difference between interior designer and interior decorator is their education. 

Let's now go into this topic in detail below.

Mistakenly, interior designer and Interior decorator been interchangeably used which is wrong.

Who is an Interior Designer?

When it comes to functionality, attractiveness, safety, comfort and aesthetically pleasing state of a given space say room, an interior designer is a professional to ensure that all of these aew in place. 

Think of an interior designer as an organiser. He makes the space(s) functional ensuring there is interactive safe flow within the space.

This means that an interior designer makes sure that to a great extent that the space serves the clients needs.

Which entails that clients should comfortably perform all the necessary activities the space is meant to serve as a result of the interior designer 's output.


According to research we made; Interior Designer should go through professional schooling obtaining certificate(s) and license to practice. 

But this may just be for certain locations while others may not require all that.


The main duty of an interior designer is to ensure that a given space is functional and comfortable for use in respect to the client's choice. 

Nature of work: 

Interior designer works with the client as well as the architect to produce his interior design. 

The interior designer gets the client brief, makes a mood board of material collections.

If the client approve the choosen interior style and choice of materials, the interior designer goes ahead to produce his design. 

It is also good to note that an interior designer can in most cases do the work of an interior decorator. 

So he can also do the decorating and furnishing along side the interior design.

Your can read more on interior designer from this post by careerexplorer.

Who is an Interior Decorator?

When the flow is done with and the room is now functional and comfortable meeting the client's choice and desire, then the interior decorator comes in.

TheSpruce in this post explained what interior decoration is. You can check that out later for better understanding on interior decoration.

What an interior decorator does basically is to make the interior designer 's work more lively with attractive furnitures and other decorative materials. 

The important role of the interior decorator is to help meet the client's desire for attractive look.

But beyond attraction and good look, the choice of decorating materials should put the client's psychology and safety into consideration. 


Interior decorator has no much problem in terms of acquiring formal credentials but at the same time there are relevant courses and programs to help him stand out.


Getting the preexisting spaces to take the decorative look choice of the client. 

Nature of work:

Works with the client and interior decorator. 

Who Should I Hire, Interior Decorator or Interior Designer or Both?

You should hire based on what you are looking forward to achieve.

If your spaces are not in shape yet and you want them designed then you need an interior designer. 

But if the design is already set but your just need a touch of beauty then an interior decorator will be great.

For some, them allow the interior designer to do the both work. 

And that's it!

Interior designer and interior decorator are different doing their unique jobs. Ensuring that better planned and comfortable spaces are made available for use.

Do you want to know about any other specific thing concerning this two professions?

Please drop it in the comment box below. 

But if you want private, use the contact-us form down this page.

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